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Grok is a web application framework for Python developers. It is aimed at both beginners and very experienced web developers. Grok has an emphasis on agile development. Currently Grok is at version 1.0! Since Grok is built using Zope 3, which has been in development since 2001, we think you'll find Grok to be very stable. However, some areas of Grok are still more challenging to learn, but we are working on it!

Why Grok?
Learn why Grok is an interesting web framework.
What does Grok code look like?
Check out What Grok code looks like.
Hard-earned wisdom and a lot of building blocks
Grok is informed by hard-earned wisdom and offers a lot of building blocks for your application. So what does Grok offer that we think is special?
The Zope community, for years now, has focused on building components. Components are powerful, pluggable building blocks you can use to build your application.
Component architecture
Web applications, if they want to stay relevant over time, need to be extensible with new behavior, and it should be possible to override aspects of existing behavior as well.
Can other web frameworks do what Grok can do, with its Zope technologies? Haven't they caught up with Zope by now? What makes Grok special?
Grok: the Zope Toolkit for cavemen
Grok is built on the ZTK.
Who is Grok?
Grok is a friendly caveman from the Stone Age.
How to download and install Grok for the first time
Useful Libraries
Libraries that are useful to use with Grok
Overview of Namespaces
A survey of the various namespaces used by packages that integrate with Grok. This may help you understand a package's origin and its relation to other packages that use the same namespace.
Grok's object database
Grok ships with a powerful object database.
Learning Grok
The Grok tutorial.
The Grok story
The Story of Grok.