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Hard-earned wisdom and a lot of building blocks

Grok is informed by hard-earned wisdom and offers a lot of building blocks for your application. So what does Grok offer that we think is special?

Grok is an integrated megaframework. That is, it features replaceable best-of-breed components (megaframework) while still aims to give you an integrated feel. The parts that Grok is constructed from (mostly, the Zope Toolkit libraries) follow common style guidelines.

The Zope community that Grok is a part of has had years of experience building powerful, pluggable Python-based web applications. The community goes back to 1998 or even longer ago, if you count Zope's predecessors bobo and Principia. We know that web applications need to grow and change over time. We aren't just aware of it; we know it through hard-fought experience maintaining large systems built with Zope. We also know that the same web application is often deployed in different contexts and organizations. We want to build applications that can be extended, and components we can use again elsewhere.

Grok is special because it offers a lot of components, and more, a way to glue components together. We believe of these components go beyond to what the web-framework competition has to offer.