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Why Grok?

Learn why Grok is an interesting web framework.

Grok: Experience, Expertise, Extensibility


You will likely have heard about many different web frameworks for Python as well as other languages. Why you should you consider Grok?

  • Grok offers a lot of building blocks for your web application.
  • Grok is informed by a lot of hard-earned wisdom.

Grok accomplishes this by using at its core the Zope Toolkit (ZTK), an advanced object-oriented set of libraries intended for reuse by web frameworks. While Grok uses the Zope Toolkit, and benefits a lot from it, you can get started with Grok without any special knowledge of the ZTK.

Some aspects of Grok development require more detailed knowledge of the ZTK libraries (authentication, for example) but it is our goal to make Grok a more approachable, easier to learn framework over time. If you find yourself bonking when trying to accomplish something, please let us know where you are struggling.

Grok is agile

Grok doesn't require you to edit cryptic configuration files. Instead you just program in Python and create HTML templates. Beyond this, Grok also offers a wide range of built-in features at your fingertips, from automated form generation to an object database. This way, Grok gives you both power and quick satisfaction during development. Grok is fun.

Grok has an extensive tutorial that helps you to get started. And thanks to grokproject, you'll be able to create your first web app with Grok in no time.

Grok offers a very wide range of features

Through the ZTK, Grok offers a very wide range of building blocks for your web application. What's more, ZTK libraries and components are typically rock-solid due to extensive unit-testing and well-specified API documentation.

Grok is grounded in a deep experience with web development

Grok, thanks to the ZTK, is informed by hard-earned wisdom. The core of the ZTK has been under continuous development since 2001. The ZTK's design in turn is based on experience with the Zope 2 platform, which has been under continuous development (starting with Bobo, Principia and then Zope 1) since 1997. The Zope community is supported by an independent foundation, the Zope Foundation.

The Zope community has been around for a while. We've built a lot and learned a lot. We are in this for the long run.

Grok for the future

Successful web applications aren't built for a day - such an application will need to be maintained, extended, evolved, over a period of many years. Zope developers really know this. Grok, through the ZTK, offers an architecture that enables your application to grow over time.