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Grok web site relaunch

The Grok web site has been reworked and relaunched.

Grok logo

The Grok web site has been given a new look and feel. It is now powered by the Plone Content Management System. This provides the Grok web site with an always up-to-date site search, RSS feeds of site news, documentation updates and all site content updates. Most importantly, the Grok Documentation area now allows you to create an account with the web site and contribute structured documentation.


Grok character

Kevin Teague stepped up to be the official cat herder and dotter of i's for the site relaunch. Armin C. StroƟ-Radschinski created an official Grok logo for the project as well as a stylized version of the Grok character. Sebastian Ware provided the intial site redesign, while the Grok web team at the Neanderthal 2007 sprint lead by Martijn Faassen used this to created the initial Plone theme and content. Uli Fouquet extended restructured-text support for the site to include additional directives as well as syntax highlighting and line numbers. Finally Martijn Faassen poked people to keep the project moving.