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Grokkerdam sprint!

It was planned for a long time, but at last we are going to hold a Grok sprint in the Netherlands. To be more precise, in Rotterdam. Rotterdam will be "Grokkerdam" for the duration of the sprint!

Where: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

When: 30 april - 5 may 2008

Who: hopefully, you!

Sign up for the sprint on our wiki page, here:

If you have any comments or questions, please mail Martijn Faassen at

Our generous host for this sprint is The Health Agency (, a company that uses Grok for its own web applications here in Rotterdam.

Note: this sprint is back-to-back with the Plone 3 sprint in Paris (25-27 april), hosted by Ingeniweb. Rotterdam is 3 hours away from Paris by train. You could participate in both sprints and enjoy a few days of Paris (or Rotterdam) in between.