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megrok.form released!

Dirceu Pereira Tiegs has released megrok.form, an extension library that adds a lot of useful fields and widgets to Grok.

megrok.form is a helper package that provides some useful fields, widgets and constraints for Grok.


  • Email, a TextLine field with a default contraint
  • HTML, a Text field that uses z3c.widget.tiny
  • File, from collective.namedfile
  • Image, from collective.namedfile


megrok.form overrides the default widgets for:

  • zope.interface.schema.Date (using zc.datetimewidget.widget.DateWidget)
  • zope.interface.schema.Datetime (using zc.datetimewidget.widget.DatetimeWidget)

And adds new widgets for Image and File (from collective.namedfile).


megrok.form adds constraints for:

  • SSN
  • US Phone Numbers
  • International Phone Numbers
  • Zip Code
  • URL
  • Email

You can add these to your application by listing 'megrok.form' as a dependency in your project's file and adding a <include package="megrok.form" /> to your project's configure.zcml. See the make use of add-ons tutorial for more information.

If you want to help out with the code and add more useful fields and widgets, it is available at, and you can check it out using svn+ssh:// Let us know what you're thinking about on grok-dev and have fun!