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Snow Sprint 2008 Grok presentation

Martijn Faassen gives a talk about Grok at the 2008 Snow Sprint.

Snow Sprint 2008 Grok presentation

Good weather at Berghof Piz Buin

Snow Sprint 2008 is taking place from January 18th to 25th, 2008 in Berghof Piz Buin, Austria. This is a gathering of 50 Zope developers who have come together to hack on all things Zope related. The focus this year is on Zope 3 and high traffic related topics.

Martijn Faassen was in attendance and give a Grok from a Zope 3 perspective focused talk at the sprint, which was recorded and made available online by Christian Scholz, multimedia chronicler of all things Zope, as a broadcast of the MrTopf Show.

Note that the video may be a bit choppy right near the start of the video, butit should stream fine for the bulk of the presentation.