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About the grok documentation

Author:Matthias (nitrogenycs)


This documentation was created by the grok community.

If there is anything missing or unclear, please don’t hesitate to _contact us: ! The #grok irc channel and mailing lists are full of very helpful people.

Even better, you can help us improving the docs in an easy way. Just take a quick look at the next section.

Building the docs

To build the docs you need mercurial (hg).

Windows Users

Install mercurial if you don’t have it already, create a folder and execute these commands:

hg clone
bin\sphinx-build source build

Unix/Mac Users

Install mercurial if you don’t have it already. Debian/Ubuntu users can do so by:

$ sudo apt-get install mercurial

Then, get the sources and build the docs:

$ hg clone
$ cd grok-doc
$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ make

Now you should be able to open the docs at build/index.html.

The commands above pulled the sphinx source code for the documentation and built it.

Now you can just go wild and modify the files in the /source subfolder to your liking. If you are not familiar with the syntax, just take a look at the sphinx docs: .

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, your changes will be reviewed anyway.

To rebuild the local docs after changes run:

$ make

on Unix/Mac or:

bin\sphinx-build source build

on Windows.

To commit your changes you need to make a push request on or ask jhsware (in #grok channel or on the mailing list) to grant you commit access to the grok-docs repository.

Thanks for helping us to improve the documentation!

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