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Combine grokproject with the SVN trunk version of Grok

Warning: This item is marked as outdated.

This How-to applies to: 0.12
This How-to is intended for: Advanced Developer

You want to use grokproject to set up a development environment but you also want to develop with the latest and greatest from the SVN trunk. We'll show how to do that.
Author: Peter Bengtsson


The grokproject program is useful as it creates a virtual environment with buildout that makes it easy to encapsulate your development work. But grokproject is a "pinned version" of Grok, meaning that grokproject explicitly lists which exact version of each component package to use. Here we'll show how to use the SVN trunk into a grokproject.


Subversion and grokproject installed on your system.

Step by step

First create a new Grok project:

$ grokproject BleedingEdge
$ cd BleedingEdge
$ ./bin/buildout

The next step is to download the trunk of Grok and we do this inside the root of the Grok project:

$ svn co svn:// grok_trunk

The next thing is to include the directory grok_trunk in buildout your buildout so edit buildout.cfg and look for these two lines in the top of the file:

develop = .

The 'extends' line might differ, depending on the current Grok release.

Now change this to the following:

develop = . grok_trunk
extends =*checkout*/grok/trunk/versions.cfg

Now the next time you run buildout it will use the versions of the Grok trunk instead.