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Install Grok on MS Windows

This How-to applies to: 1.1
This How-to is intended for: Any audience.

This HowTo gives instructions for installing Grok on the various flavours of MS Windows. Please note that this HowTo is a _WORK IN PROGRESS_ during the alpha releases of Grok version 1.0 and grokproject version 1.0. TBD denotes To Be Discussed/Determined/Developed/Described/Done


  1. You can install the software in a folder for which you have write access rights. If you want all users on your machine to be able to run Grok, make sure you have administrator rights during the installation.

  2. Install Python. Currently, version 2.6.x and version 2.5.x are supported. Note that these links point to installers for the ordinary x86 processor architecture.

  3. Install version 2.6 or version 2.5 of the win32all package that goes with the python version you chose above.

  4. Install setuptools2.6 or setuptools2.5.

  5. Open up a command window and change to the folder where you want to place the sandbox that will contain your Grok project(s). In this HowTo we will assume this folder is C:\

    cd c:\
  6. Install virtualenv by using the command:

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 18)

    Literal block expected; none found.

NOTE: As of Grok 1.2, you do not need to use virtualenv. Grok is automatically isolated from the system python environment.

easy_install virtualenv
  1. Create an isolated environment (sandbox) using the command:

    virtualenv <grok_sandbox>

    where you substitute <grok_sandbox> with your name of choice for the sandbox.

  2. Activate the environment:

    cd <grok_sandbox>
  3. Obtain grokproject, the tool that will download and install Grok for you. It will also create a Grok project for you to get you started:

    easy_install grokproject
  1. Set up your project.

    Use the grokproject tool to set things up for you:

    grokproject <project_name>

    Where you substitute <project_name> with your name of choice for the project.

    Answer the questions.

  2. Starting up Grok

    Start the server:

    cd <project_name>
    bin\paster serve parts\etc\deploy.ini

    Visit Grok's applications page to see what you have achieved!

Reporting issues

Report any issue in the bug tracker, please put the word 'Windows' in its title. Also, feel free to notify us on the mailing list.

Finally, there is also the possibility to share your insights with us on the Wiki-page.