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Adding AJAX to Grok with KSS
How-to for Developer; Versions: 1.0
How to setup KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) in a Grok application; how to start with the framework.
Using a KSS plugin for Drag-and-Drop
How-to for Developer; Versions: 1.0
In addition to the core commands that kss.core provides, richer client actions can be plugged into the KSS machinery. In this example, we use a plugin called kss.plugin.yuidnd. This plugin provides drag-and-drop using the Yahoo UI library.
Using YUI on Grok
Tutorial for Developer; Versions: 1.0
In this tutorial you'll be learning how to use the Yahoo! User Interface Library, or YUI in short in your Grok project. YUI is a JavaScript and CSS library providing all sorts of handy components that you can use to make you site work an look better without too much effort, and in a cross-browser compatible way. In the process, you'll also be learning some basic uses of megrok.layout, megrok.navigation and JSON.