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Example Applications


Adder: an adding machine sample application
Tutorial ; Versions: 1.0a4
The most basic Grok app that is still of some use: an adding machine with tape.
Grok Poller Tutorial
Tutorial for Developer; Versions: 1.0
This tutorial shows how to implement a simple polling application using Grok.
How to get started with Dolmen
How-to for Developer
Dolmen is set of libraries to create a CMS. You will learn how to get started with Dolmen.
Making a website that uses layers to enable a mobile enabled version of the site
Tutorial for Developer
As an example application we're going to develop a very simple site that uses macros and then later add a layer dedicated for mobile phone browsing without having to put in "if" statements in your templates to accommodate for the differences you'll want to apply.
Musical Performance Organizer - Part 1
Tutorial for Developer; Versions: 1.0
The first in a series of tutorials that will build a reasonably complex application, starting from a simple prototype and evolving it into a finished application. The tutorial will touch on many practical aspects of building the application and demonstrate how to combine the various components that are available in Grok into a finished product.