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Working with Forms in Grok
Tutorial for Developer
A walkthrough of the basics of automatically generating HTML forms using Grok, as well as a discussion of a few more advanced Form manipulations.
Handling file uploads with and zope.file
How-to for Developer; Versions: 1.0
If you want to handle files in zope, you can use the and zope.file packages.
Using a relationfield to express relationships between objects
How-to for Developer; Versions: 1.0a4
In this How To you will learn how to create relations between objects both directly and transparently for the user by using the z3c.relationfield and z3c.relationfieldui packages, which are based on the zc.relation package
Using sources in your forms
How-to ; Versions: 1.0a1
This How To explains how one can use the zc.sourcefactory package to fill out lists and choices with dynamic content.