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Principals and Security

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Authentication with Grok
How-to for Developer, Advanced Developer; Versions: 1.0a1, 0.14, 0.13
This document tries to explain how to set up custom authentication against your own database (may be it ZODB, a relational database or LDAP) with Grok. It doesn't go into the details of how to query the database, but shows the bits and pieces you need to integrate with Grok.
How I Got Grok Talking To CAS
How-to for Developer
One user's experience connecting his Grok application to a CAS authentication web server, which he probably did the wrong way around, but which he's sharing because at least it worked.


Permissions Tutorial
Zope 3 and Grok come with authorization capabilities out of the box. While a vanilla Zope 3 application protects all content by default and performs authorization checks on the content objects themselves, Grok allows access to everything unless you explicitly restrict it. The authorization checks here are done based on the Views used to access (display/manipulate) the content.