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A Grok-Centric Explanation of Adaptation

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Adaptation is a central concept in the Zope 3 Component Architecture. This explanation approaches it from a Grok perspective.

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  1. Adapters from an MVC architecture perspective How do Adapters compare to the MVC architecture?
  2. A real world example of Adaption Imagine that you are about to give a presentation at a meeting. You've brought your laptop, and the room has a projector and a cable to plug your laptop into the projector. However, the cable you brought won't plug into the projector because your cable only interfaces with a DVI port, and the projector only interfaces with a VGA port.
  3. Adapters in a Web Application While using physical adapters to connect laptops is something that we can understand, where would using adapters in a web application make sense?
  4. Further Reading There are some more documents that can help you grasping the concept of adaptation