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Adder: an adding machine sample application

This Tutorial applies to: 1.0a4
This Tutorial is intended for: Any audience.

The most basic Grok app that is still of some use: an adding machine with tape.

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  1. Installing a Grok Application Learn how to install an existing Grok application, and
  2. A Grok Application and a Grok Model A Grok Application is something that can be installed. A Grok Model is an object that is saved in the Zope Object Database.
  3. A Grok View and a Grok Template By design, our Model is not capable of interacting directly a web browser. Components that can respond to requests, typically returning HTML, are called View components. Since mixing HTML inside Python can get very messy, a Template component may be associated with a View component.
  4. Adder: Main source code for the Adder application.