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Installing and setting up Grok under mod_wsgi

This Tutorial applies to: 1.0
This Tutorial is intended for: Server Administrators

Grok can run behind any WSGI server. This tutorial will show how to install Grok behind the Apache web server and mod_wsgi on a brand new Linux virtual server.

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  1. Introduction Grok and WSGI
  2. Why use Apache and mod_wsgi for Grok? There are many WSGI servers available. Why is mod_wsgi a good option?
  3. Setting up a clean Linux server When starting with a new server, it's important to get all required packages in place before beginning.
  4. Installing and configuring mod_wsgi mod_wsgi is installed the same way as any Apache module
  5. Configuring a Grok site under mod_wsgi Grok can be installed with setup tools and a Grok site can be easily created using the included grokproject tool.