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Why use Apache and mod_wsgi for Grok?

There are many WSGI servers available. Why is mod_wsgi a good option?
Grok can run behind any WSGI server. This tutorial will show how to install Grok behind the Apache web server and mod_wsgi on a brand new Linux virtual server.
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There are a number of WSGI servers available, but this tutorial will focus on using mod_wsgi, which is a WSGI adapter module for Apache. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, Apache is the most popular web hosting platform, so there are many web developers and site administrators already familiar with it. Grok, for example, has been installed behind Apache for production servers using mod_rewrite.

Second, there are also lots of Python applications that already run under Apache using mod_python, and there are a few WSGI adapters for this module as well, but mod_wsgi is written in C code and has lower memory overhead and better performance than those adapters.

Also, one of the goals of mod_wsgi is to break into the low cost commodity web hosting market, which would be good for Python and ultimately for Grok and Zope.