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Introduction to zc.buildout

This Tutorial applies to: Any version.
This Tutorial is intended for: Any audience.

Jim Fulton's tutorial for using buildout, originally given at DZUG 2007

All content on one page (useful for printing, presentation mode etc.)

  1. What is zc.buildout zc.buildout is a coarse-grained python-based configuration-driven build tool
  2. Working with eggs Python eggs and how zc.buildout gives you better control over using eggs
  3. Glossary of Egg Jargon Terminology used when refering to eggs
  4. Buildout overview Define the full system using ConfigParser format extended with a variable-substitution syntax
  5. zope.event example Example buildout file for working on the zope.event egg
  6. Buildout steps Typically actions taken when working with buildout
  7. Excersize 1: zope.event Perform your first buildout exercise
  8. buildout layout and common use cases Buildout directory structure and simple, common use casese
  9. Recipes to install eggs, scripts and custom interpreters Commonly used recipes
  10. Excercise 2 Add a custom interpreter to the zope.event from excercise 1
  11. Building custom eggs Custom egg builds such as a distribution with compiled files
  12. Writing your own recipes Use the zc.buildout recipe API
  13. Exercise 3 Write recipe that creates a file from source given in a configuration option.
  14. Buildout command line, default settings and extending configurations Using the command-line, operating modes, default settings and extending configurations
  15. zc.sharing example A small example of the "system assembly" use case. We define a Zope 3 instance, and a test script.
  16. Source, Binary and RPM experiments Distributing your buildout as source or binary, experiments with the RPM format
  17. Repeatability and deployment issues Repeating a buildout from a version of a configuraiton, and deployment issues to resolve