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Musical Performance Organizer - Part 1

This Tutorial applies to: 1.0
This Tutorial is intended for: Developer

The first in a series of tutorials that will build a reasonably complex application, starting from a simple prototype and evolving it into a finished application. The tutorial will touch on many practical aspects of building the application and demonstrate how to combine the various components that are available in Grok into a finished product.

All content on one page (useful for printing, presentation mode etc.)

  1. Introduction An overview of the example requirements and a road map for how the tutorial will cover the development of the application.
  2. Setting Up The Environment Configuring the project environment, understanding where files are located, and how to run application and test code.
  3. Initial Tests and Model Objects Begin transcribing the application requirements into tests and perform the first coding cycle to satisfy the tests. This is the first exposure to working with model objects and unit testing.
  4. Adding Performances Create a basic content object which describes a Performance. Also, create a page template and the necessary view code so that a new performance can be added using a web browser.
  5. Attaching Files to a Song Enable users to upload sheet music and other documents related to a song in the set list.
  6. Adding Comments to a Performance We will now provide a general commenting feature for a performance.

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