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Working with Forms in Grok

This Tutorial applies to: Any version.
This Tutorial is intended for: Developer

A walkthrough of the basics of automatically generating HTML forms using Grok, as well as a discussion of a few more advanced Form manipulations.

All content on one page (useful for printing, presentation mode etc.)

  1. Introducing Forms An overview of the Form infrastructure in Grok
  2. Defining Schema Fields Schema Fields are used to describe the schema of an ordinary Python object.
  3. Form Fields extend the information about a Schema Field Understanding the difference between a form field and a schema field.
  4. Creating a Form How to create a simple Form
  5. Customising the default Form templates Learn how to tweaking the template used to render a form. Useful for integrating a form into your applications custom layout.
  6. Customising individual Form Fields Learn how to customise individual form fields.
  7. Creating custom widgets and overriding widgets globally How to create new widgets, as well as replace existing widgets with your own custom versions.
  8. Using multiple schemas with a Form Demonstrating using multiple schemas within the same form.
  9. Accessing a Form within another View Forms are a specialization of the grok.View base class. You can use a form programmatically from within another View if required.