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All Grok howtos and tutorials.

Adding a YUI menu
We'll first define a menu using megrok.navigation, and then override the default template to make it YUI compatible. Then call some YUI js code to make it work.
JSON meets the Panel
Finally, we'll see how to use JSON for data interchange in Grok. We'll also see how to use a YUI Panel in the process.
Return to sender
All we've done now is requesting data from the server. How about sending some to the server? We'll add an edit tab with a form that posts the data without reloading the entire page.
Introducing AJAX
Up until now we haven't done anything AJAXy, however. We've used some JavaScript to make the page look a bit more dynamic, but that's about it.
What have we learned?
Handling file uploads with and zope.file
If you want to handle files in zope, you can use the and zope.file packages.
Using a KSS plugin for Drag-and-Drop
In addition to the core commands that kss.core provides, richer client actions can be plugged into the KSS machinery. In this example, we use a plugin called kss.plugin.yuidnd. This plugin provides drag-and-drop using the Yahoo UI library.
Adding AJAX to Grok with KSS
How to setup KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) in a Grok application; how to start with the framework.
Graphical debugging of Grok with Komodo IDE
Set up the Komodo IDE graphical debugger for your Grok project.
How to internationalize your application
In this howto, you will learn how to internationalize your code, extract translatable strings and translate your application into an other language.
Adding a layer
The layer we add will allow us to override and extend views in the default view.
Implementing the Name Chooser
We now have a simple name chooser adapter, but it doesn't really do anything useful, and it doesn't fix the problems we had with the URL's.
Grok Setup
Follow the Grok Tutorial instructions on installing Grok an setting up a project.
Creating the application data model.
Adding Objects
To add polls, we want to provide a Web form for the users.
Zope Page Templates
How to create display templates using the templating language TAL.
Poll View
Now it's time to implement a view for the poll items which allows the user to vote on options.
Grok Poller Tutorial
This tutorial shows how to implement a simple polling application using Grok.
In this tutorial you learned about multiple concepts regarding Grok Web application development, such as interfaces, schemas, adapters and page templates with models, containers, views and form generation.
Poll Results View
Now all that is left for our simple poller application is the results view for the poll, which doesn't show us anything new, we just use the "string:" TALES expression just to show how it works.
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