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Grok 0.11 released

The Grok team is happy to announce the release of Grok 0.11!

Grok is a web application framework built with Zope 3 technologies that aims to be easy to use.

Grok 0.11 is a feature release of Grok, introducing important new features:

  • Layers and skinning support. It is now easy to place views in layers, and to define skins so that these layers can be browsed.
  • REST support. There is an easy way to create RESTful web services with Grok now. Create special REST protocols that support GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. See the REST Tutorial for more information.
  • pluggable template languages. Besides the built-in support for Zope Page Templates, Grok now allows you to plug in other template languages as well. See for instructions on how to integrate a template language into Grok. We are planning on releasing a Genshi plugin for Grok next week.
  • Improved permission and role support. See the Permissions Tutorial for more information. If you were already using these in your existing Grok code you need to change your code a bit. The upgrade notes contain more information about these changes.

One important change is rather hidden from view so bears a bit of explanation. Grok is based on Zope 3. Grok could always reuse Zope 3 libraries without problems. The other way around wasn't so nice however: Zope 3-based code could not use Grok-based code so easily, as Grok would not emit configuration actions. Grok 0.11 now does emit such configuration actions and this is a major step on the way towards backwards compatibility with Zope 3. If you have custom Grokkers in your code, you probably have to change them: please see the upgrade notes for information how to upgrade these.

For the detailed changelog, see Grok's PyPI entry page.

For upgrade notes, including how to change your application, see

For installation instructions and much more on how to use Grok, see the Grok tutorial:

If you enjoy Grok, please subscribe to the grok-dev mailing list and join us in the #grok channel on

We hope to see you there!