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Grok 0.11.1 released

First maintenance release of the 0.11 series.

Grok 0.11.1 release manager Jan-Wijbrand Kolman is happy to announce the 0.11.1 release of Grok!

This release is available on PyPI and a new index of specific versions of packages used by this release has been frozen at This means that new projects created with grokproject will start using this release right away.

This is maintenance only release that just contains bug fixes and does not introduce any new features.


To upgrade an existing project from 0.11 to 0.11.1 you have to:

  1. change the 'extends' directive in your project's buildout.cfg to point to
  2. run bin/buildout in your project, to update the dependencies including the 0.11.1 egg of Grok itself

Bug fixes

  • Do not register the publishTraverse and browserDefault methods of the JSON component as views.
  • Methods with names that start with an '_' are not registered as views for XMLRPC, REST and JSON components.
  • Use a configuration action for the registration of the static directory.
  • Fix grok.testing.grok() now also loads the ZPT template factories so that unit tests that need to configure views with ZPT templates continue to work.
  • Changed a few remaining references to grok.grok and grok.grok_component to their correct equivalents in grok.testing.
  • grok.testing.grok_component() could not be used in a pure doctest. This needed a bugfix in Martian (since 0.9.2). Add a test that demonstrates this problem.
  • Fix grok.Form and its subclasses did not implement IBrowserView.