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Feature release: viewlets, auto-inclusion of dependencies. Also a lot of bugfixes.

The Grok team is happy to announce the release of Grok 0.12!

This release is available on PyPI and a new index of specific versions of packages used by this release has been frozen at This means that new projects created with grokproject will start using this release right away.

New Features

  • Viewlet support. Viewlets are highly configurable "part-of-page" components. Expect documentation on the website soon.
  • automatic inclusion of dependencies. No more editing configure.zcml of your application when you add a new dependency to that has ZCML configuration. Grok now automatically should find this dependency and loads its ZCML configuration, so only editing to add the dependency, and running bin/buildout to download it should now be required, just like for any other Python dependency.
  • Added testsetup classes in grok.testing to improve easy setup of unit- and functional tests.
  • Note also that the Base postfix feature has been removed. Classes with names that end with this postfix are not treated as Grok base classes anymore. Use the grok.baseclass directive instead.


To upgrade an existing project from 0.11.x to 0.12 you have to:

  1. change the 'extends' directive in your project's buildout.cfg to point to
  2. run bin/buildout in your project, to update the dependencies including the 0.12 egg of Grok itself

For the detailed changelog, see Grok's PyPI entry page.

For detailed upgrade notes, including how to change your application, see

For installation instructions and much more on how to use Grok, see the Grok tutorial:

We hope to hear from you!

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