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Grok 1.1 is a feature release of Grok preparing for the Zope Toolkit.

The major user visible change is Python 2.6 support. Grok 1.1 supports Grok 2.6 and 2.5. Python 2.4 support is deprecated. Note that to install Grok on Windows, please use Python 2.6, not Python 2.5.

The other user visible change is a new version of the Grok UI. This now uses a more extensible UI framework, and cuts down on dependencies. You will also note that the Grok introspector has been removed - we did this to cut down on dependencies for Grok, but we are looking into ways to bring it back in the future.

Other user visible changes are relatively minor: see Grok's change log for more.

The main changes in Grok 1.1 are under the hood, however:

  • Grok builds on a prerelease version of the Zope Toolkit.
  • New more reusable spin-off libraries Grok uses:, grokcore.annotation and grokcore.content.

Grok 1.1 itself has not yet had a reduced set of dependencies compared to Grok 1.0, but is a step on the way to Grok 1.2, which will reduce dependencies significantly.

Updating Grok-based projects

Grok-based applications should be upgraded by using a new versions.cfg file in your project and re-running buildout. You can also find the new versions.cfg file here:

To prepare for Grok 1.2, look at any imports your application does from* packages and see whether they can be replaced by imports from a zope.* package instead. This should be possible for most, but not all code. To learn how to improve your imports, see the* package's changelog (on PyPI for instance), or explore the code of the package to see where it is importing from for backwards compatibility.

See also the upgrade notes.