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Grok 1.1a1!

The Grok development team is very happy to release Grok 1.1a1!

This is a preview of the 1.1 release that will be based on the Zope ToolKit (ZTK). The ZTK will bring a significant number of newer versions of the libraries that Grok is built on.

The ZTK will not only make available newer features and bugfixes in toolkit libraries, but also a less complex dependency structure of these libraries encouraging more reuse.

About Grok

Grok is a modern Python-based web framework. Grok is powerful in the hands of an expert developer, as it excels in reuse and extensibility thanks to its use of a component development model. At the same time Grok aims to let less experienced developers be productive immediately, so that the walk up the learning curve is more smooth for them.


Grok 1.1a1 has the following changes compared to Grok 1.0:

  • This release depends on grokcore.view 1.13a1.
  • Add ZTK support (currently ZTK 1.0dev).
  • Grokdocs now uses ZTK pinned versions.
  • The grok.permissions(), that is used in the grok.Role component now accepts references to grok.Permission class, not just permission ids. This behaviour is now symetrical to the grok.require() directive.
  • Added an util function, create_application, to create an application and trigger the correct events during the process.
  • Grok now provides an application-centric event to complete the zope.lifecycle ones. This event, ApplicationInitializedEvent, is destined to be trigged after the application has been added to a container. At this particular step, the application is considered safe for additional content to be created.
  • Use and grokcore.annotation instead of builtins implementations.
  • Update the reference to mention zope.View.
  • Update the reference to mention direct references to permissions in grok.require and grok.permissions in grok.Role.
  • Fix documentation bug where virtualenv wasn't explained correctly.
  • Remove the grok.View permission declaration in etc/, should have gone in 1.0b2 already

For installation instructions and much more on how to use Grok, see the Grok tutorial:


  • When upgrading to a newer version of Grok, you should refer to the newest list of versions as defined for this release of Grok.

    For Grok 1.1a1, download the following file:

    And replace versions.cfg in your project with this file. Then run:


We hope to hear from you!

If you enjoy Grok, please subscribe to the grok-dev mailing list and join us in the #grok channel on