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Grok 1.2 is a feature release of Grok based on the Zope Toolkit 1.0, zc.buildout-1.5.2. A very large number of* dependencies have been removed to have a smaller, more manageable footprint.

This release took a huge effort from the Grok development team to reduce the number of (legacy) dependencies, most importantly removing a very large number of* packages from the stack! This results in a smaller and more manageable footprint.

The Grok (Toolkit) 1.2 uses zc.buildout-1.5.2 and the new features it brings. Most importantly, the possibility to safely use the system Python for creating new projects. This should especially help newcomers who want to try out Grok. We can simplify the installation instructions by leaving out the "virtualenv" steps.

The Grok (Toolkit) 1.2 is based on the Zope Toolkit 1.0 release!

The Grok (Toolkit) does diverge a little from the ZTK 1.0 for a couple of its dependencies. These are listed separately in the Grok Toolkit versions file that can be found here:

The list of changes can be found here:

To upgrade existing project you might find the upgrade notes helpful, to be found here:

The 1.2 release will __not__ bring two still long awaited changes:

  • Support for the latest martian version.
  • The improved template registry merge.

They will have to wait for the 1.3 release.

Another important note:

Because of the update to zc.buildout-1.5.2 and other structural changes, the new grokproject version will not be able to install projects for Grok < 1.2.

We realize this release will bring quite some structural changes that might affect your projects in some way. Please let us know when you run into problems upgrading your projects on the grok-dev mailinglist or on the #grok IRC channel. We will try to help and it will also help us, the Grok developers, by fixing bugs and other issues.